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Here we show a few pictures of the wooden spool holder that Linda uses to work with the netting to make her scrubbies. Having the netting on a holder makes it so much easier to work with.
This Wooden Spool Holder is available to purchase only @ The Tulle Shed. Jillian designed it to be used specifically with the 3 inch spools. It is made from products grown and produced here in the USA! Check it out!

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netting spool holder

This picture shows the wooden spool holder made by our daughter Jillian of The Tulle Shed. It is made with American manufactured wood parts.

working with the netting

Here you see Linda's hands at work using the netting off the holder. The netting is compressed around the fingers to create the yarn.

working the netting off the holder

This is another view of the netting being worked off the spool. See how the netting gets scrunched up over the pinky finger to create the "yarn".

working with 2 colors of netting

What happens when you want to mix two colors together? Easy. Cut each color in half using an electric carving knife. (see pictures of how to do this at Jillian's store) Leaving the plastic wrap on one side of the cut netting, remove the wrap from the other side and then place each spool on the posts of the wooden spool holder. Hold the the strips of netting, 1 from each color, together to equal the 3" wide piece. The result will be a blend of the 2 colors. Try mixing different color combinations together to create new looks to your scrubbies!

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This is a list of all the other colors we offer here at our store:

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