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Q: Can you put names or pictures on the Christmas stockings?
A: No, we're sorry, but the method Linda uses to make the stockings does not allow her to do anything other than straight knitting. We do offer them in different color combinations so that each family member can have a different color. Custom color combinations can be made simply by e-mailing us. We often tell customers that they could fashion a name tag on their own and attach it to the hanging loop. Or they could hand stitch cut out letters to the cuff. Now you can order a personalized name tag to added to the stocking.

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Q: Do you ship outside the USA?
A: No, sorry, we do not ship Internationally. Depending on the order, we may ship to Canada or the UK. Please e-mail us first about what you would like to order and we can work out the details.

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Q: Linda, Cute fashion scarves.  I too make them but I couldn't possibly sell them as reasonably as you.  Do you have bulk suppliers you get the yarn from?  I had to pay almost $13.00 a skein for Punta.  Which in case any buyers are interested is extremely soft and beautiful in person. Thanks!
A: Great question! No, we do not have a discount supplier. We buy the yarn on sale or with 40-50% off coupons at our local craft store. We like to keep our prices as low as possible for our customers.
We agree, the Punta yarn is very beautiful and ever so soft to the touch. The scarves are very lightweight too.

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Q: Can you make the keyhole fashion scarves longer? And how much would they cost?
A: Yes, we can make them longer. Double the length they are now would be around 60 - 64". That would be double the materials and twice as long to knit so the cost would be twice as much. E-mail us for details on how to order a double length scarf. Be sure to visit our fashion department to view our full length scarves

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Q: Do you do custom orders?
A: Sure we do! Just drop us a line and let us know your request. We'll try to work out all the details with you for what you are looking for.

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Q: Just received my order. The colors do not match what I saw on your website. Why is that?
A: We are not professional photographers. We do the best we can at taking and editing the pictures for the pages. Not all browsers show images in the same way. It may also depend on what your screen preferences are set at.

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Q: I didn't receive my order! What should I do now?
We will bring it to the attention of our PO and see if we can put a tracer out on it. If need be we will turn in an insurance claim for the loss.

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Q: Do you sell wholesale?
No, sorry we do not. Linda makes everything herself. Some items are very time consuming to produce. All are made with a lot of attention to quality and detail. A true labor of love!

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